With taking into account human health and environmental awareness, Puyo & Aya manufactures high-quality products to the fullest possible extent… We emphasize on the word ‘fullest possible extent’ because we know how difficult it is to acquire natural and healthy products in a changing world…


We use 100% organic GOTS certified cotton fabrics for the production of toys, blankets and pillows. 

Organic farming offers same and sustainable materials that deliver benefits to the environment, the consumer, global community and especially to the children.

And we contribute it to the fullest possible extent.

We use FSC certified paper at printing materials.

We truly value environment,the restoration of nature and consider future generation.

And we contribute it to the fullest possible extent.



We care traditional craft and women empowerment.

We contribute to the employment of women as best as it can by making no concessions to traditional production and quality, by appreciating the value of labour and manufactured from hand.